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Safe soccer goal equipment is important to consider when purchasing new soccer goals in order to prevent tragic accidents from soccer goals., an organization that seeks to educate players, coaches and the general public about the dangers of improperly securing soccer goals, has a list of fatalities and injuries as a result of soccer goals unsuspectingly tipping over.  It is a sobering reminder of how something perceived to be so harmless, can in fact be deadly.  The Safe Soccer Goal is a significant leap forward in preventing further tragedies.  Learn more about how your school or organization can gain piece of mind and reduce its liability by purchasing the safest soccer goals in the industry.

UMA – A fourth-grader at a San Luis elementary school has been killed by a portable soccer goal that fell on him and another student.

The second boy was being treated for a non-life threatening head injury.

Authorities say the incident happened Thursday morning on the playground at Rio Colorado Elementary School. The names of the 10-year-old boys haven’t been released.

San Luis police Capt. Javier Nuno calls the incident a tragic accident. He didn’t say how the goal toppled.

Soccer goals have been identified as a hazard and numerous deaths have been reported when they topple over.

In May, an 8-year-old Phoenix boy died when a goal post he was climbing on at a local YMCA fell and crushed him.

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