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SafeSoccer Goals continues to live up to its name by developing the soccer industry’s first Soccer Tip Over Prevention System (S.T.O.PS.) that will securely attach to the rear cross bar of any soccer goal on the market and eliminate accidental tip overs while providing easy and portability. This patent pending rear roller assembly [...]

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Soccer Death in Ontario

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” 15 year old girl dies after soccer goal accident on Bradford, Ontario soccer field” Authorities don’t know how it happened but she was pinned under the crossbar of an overturned goal. Her friend tried to lift the goal but it was too heavy. The you girl succumbed to her injuries at a local  hospital.

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During the 1970′s and 80′s the sport of soccer exploded in the US prompted by Title IX legislation and a general increased interest in the sport of soccer. High schools and colleges added soccer to their sports programs and youth soccer exploded on the scene. All this soccer activity required soccer equipment including very large, [...]

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Soccer goal death

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January 2012   Newton Grove, NC

“A third grader died Sunday after a soccer goal fell on his head in Sampson County at 607 Mt. Olive Dr, Newton Grove.

Maria Escalera says her son, Juan Escalera, 9, was visiting his cousins and decided to play soccer after church.

“My husband said that it happened in [...]

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In response to recent soccer goal accidents and deaths several states have initiated new laws that further mandate or encourage the following of the recommendations of CPSC that were put in place in 1999.  In Arkansas the law requires that all soccer goals on public and school fields be anchored [...]

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Killed by a soccer goal!

On July 22, 2011 By

Another tragic soccer goal death was reported in Bentonville,  AR in January 2011 when 9 -year-old Jonathan Nelson died when a portable soccer goal fell on him at the Elm Tree Elementary School. The fourth grader was playing with other school children when the unanchored goal tipped over. Officials were uncertain about how the accident [...]

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Soccer Goal Safety in 2011

On February 2, 2011 By

Each New Year brings the hope that we will make the changes necessary to improve our lives. I would sincerely hope that 2011 is the year that we take seriously the safety of our portable soccer goals and create a truly safe environment for the soccer players [...]

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Safe Soccer Goal Equipment

On December 18, 2010 By

Safe soccer goal equipment is important to consider when purchasing new soccer goals in order to prevent tragic accidents from soccer goals.

Continue Reading, an organization that seeks to educate players, coaches and the general public about the dangers of improperly securing soccer goals, has a list of fatalities and injuries as a result of soccer goals unsuspectingly tipping over.  It is a sobering reminder of [...]

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UMA – A fourth-grader at a San Luis elementary school has been killed by a portable soccer goal that fell on him and another student.

The second boy was being treated for a non-life threatening head injury.

Authorities say the incident happened Thursday morning on the playground at Rio [...]

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